Fine Art

About Me

My Background


My father was a artist and early inspiration for me to work in complete focus and solitude on my art as a child.  As a young adult I went to college at the State University of New York and LSU to study and major in Fine Arts and Art Education. My career was as a Graphic Artist for Environmental in California Department of Transportation.  Here I was able to combine fine art illustrations with computer graphics as a public relations liason in coordination with Native Americans,  Biologists, Geologists and Archeologists.  My work was received and awarded "The Governor's Award" for Archeology Projects, Mural highway 99 beatification project, and design of illustration biology boards for San Joaquin River Park.

My work is represented in The Phoebe Hearst Museum in Berkeley, the Madarango Museum in China Lake and in private collections in America and Europe.

I have been a member of South Western Artists and have received first place and honorable mention.

My Medium

I work in watercolors, acrylics, pen and ink and clay.
My basic sketches for a concept are layout in

I work in various mediums using watercolors, pen and inks, acrylic and clay.  I usually start a concept from pencil or pen and ink, a rough thumbnail sketch to establish values and composition.  Depending on the subject matter I will determine what medium will best work to express my concept.  I like to use various mediums, sometimes combined to be free and flowing, letting the piece of art become what it wants.   

My Inspiration


My husband and I have been together since our early twenties.  Thru our travels and adventures abroad and in the states I have gained the life experience that reflects in my art.  I find beauty in the world that is always inspiring me.


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